Remember When April 11, 2024

April 11, 2024

Second graders in the late 1950s in Orleans. The class graduated in 1968 from NRHS. Back row L to R Stuart Nickerson, Kerry Pierce, Curtis Newcomb, Charlie Bean, Craig Higgins, Gary Carpenter, Jack Joy. Middle row L to R Judy Dunham, John Finlay, Bruce Van Buskirk, David Martin, ? , Tim Gould, Paul Nichols, Harry Smith, Paula Quinn, Miss Bertha Keefe (Teacher). Front row L to R: Patti Fernald, Jane Felt, Eileen Roy, Kathy Viprino, Wendy Lorraine, Charlene Ketchum, Sandra Higgins, Tammy Johnson. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE ESTATE OF SAM SHERMAN