Publisher's Corner: Rumors

by Henry C. Hyora, Publisher

Rumors are funny things, whether it be the rumor that JFK is still alive and living in the White House or the Patriots are changing managers after last weekend’s game in Germany.

Locally one of the biggest rumors lately was the sale of Oppenheim Medical Center to accommodate the new senior center in Chatham. Not true, it turns out.

Another local rumor is that The Chronicle was sold to the Gannett Publishing Company because we (with my 100 percent permission) made changes to our website and were getting rid of the print edition. Both rumors, although interesting, are totally wrong. First, I love printed newspapers. For most of my life I’ve been asked why I buy so many Sunday papers. That’s because I have it in my blood. I don’t care for flyfishing, but I love rainy and sunny days looking at the news and ads.

As for the website, it was designed to make it easier for people to navigate the web page and easier for those who prefer the e-edition. I’ve been told you’ll find it’s not rocket science.

Another benefit is that you can come in or call me with any suggestions, complaints or thoughts. We welcome your input.

We continue to increase circulation (thank you) every month and will work even harder to cover your town better than anyone else in our area. We have the best staff in the region. We are not going anywhere.

To confirm a rumor, I will be going into surgery later this month, but I expect a full recovery and will be available to talk about plans here and listen to feedback from you, our valued readers.

Have a very happy Thanksgiving, everyone!