Minding Your Business - SeaBreeze Softwash

by Amy F Tagliaferri
A completed job in Chatham by SeaBreeze Softwash A completed job in Chatham by SeaBreeze Softwash

SeaBreeze Softwash

“The safer way to wash”

West Chatham



“We soft wash and pressure wash just about anything!” said Jim Codeiro, owner of SeaBreeze Softwash. Actually Codeiro, as the owner/operator, does all the work himself. “I’m very proud of this process. It truly is a safer way to clean the exterior of your house, and especially your roof.”

Cordeiro acknowledges that you may need to become more familiar with the term “soft wash.”

“People just don’t associate pressure washing as a ‘soft’ process,” he said. “But soft washing is overtaking pressure and power washing as the most popular and effective cleaning method. It’s perfect for roof cleaning, fence and deck cleaning, driveway and walkway cleaning, too.” He said that the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer (ARMA) has approved this method for removing algae debris from your roof. “They actually recommend the soft wash method of low-pressure detergent and bleach-assisted washing for cleaning roofs and to prevent damage to the shingles.”

The biodegradable and eco-friendly solutions and bleach will not harm your plants because they are highly diluted with water. “They are the same products that are used in Chatham’s drinking water,” he said.

“With the solution, soft washing is more effective in cleaning away algae and bacteria growth than a pressure washer, and it does more than just cleaning! It penetrates the growth, santizes and removes the issue at the root.” A clean roof also helps your roof last longer.

Does the term “soft wash” seem to imply that you won’t get the umph of a pressure washer? Not true, says Codeiro. “Soft washing actually gets things cleaner, and is less harmful damage-wise. The chemicals used help break down infestations so they can be easily washed ways. All the chemicals are water-based, non-hazardous and biodegradable, meaning they break down into carbon and water eventually.”

We talked about roofs a bunch, but soft washing is effective on cleaning so much more around your home. Codeiro said that he can clean your decks (“softwashing will not remove deck paint”), patios, fences, tennis courts, boats, docks, walkways, pavers and even outdoor furniture, awnings and cushions.

“If you used to get it pressure washed, call us to show you what soft washing can do,” said Codeiro.