Minding Your Business - Morrison Tree Service

June 06, 2024
Illustration by Robb Morrison’s Dad. Illustration by Robb Morrison’s Dad.

Morrison Tree Service

Robb Morrison, Arborist

Fully Insured * Free Estimates


Here’s a fun fact about businesses in Chatham: if the business phone number starts with “945,” that means they’ve been around for a while, probably before cell phones became commonplace. Morrison Tree Service is one of those businesses.

Robb Morrison has seen a lot of trees and taken down his share of them. Morrison grew up in Westwood and moved to Chatham full time in 1988, “and has been doing tree work since then.”

“We take them down, and we prune them, too. We do stump grinding also. We can also mow overgrown brush; we have a heavy duty brush mower,” he said. “Insurance companies are telling homeowners to be more conscious of overhanging branches so you can call us to take those down for you too.”

Morrison Tree Services takes calls and jobs from the Lower Cape towns of Brewster, Chatham Harwich and Orleans. He gives free estimates and is fully insured.

First step is a consultation. Morrison comes out and surveys the situation and tells you what to expect.

“Right now we’re probably about two or three weeks out,” he said. “That’s barring any wind storms coming up in the future!” When a storm hits the Cape, Morrison’s phone rings! “Studies show that when winds reach 54 miles per hour or more a wide range of damage can occur to trees. Older trees can bend with the wind, but it’s the branches that weaken and can cause damage to your home or to anything on your property.”

Morrison is a Massachusetts certified arborist. To qualify for this distinction you must be trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of arboriculture. In order to keep your certification, you are required to take classes on a regular basis to keep up on all the latest information.

“My Dad calls himself a ‘humorous illustrator.’ So when we needed to come up with a business card and a weekly ad he drew the owl.” So as the owl in his weekly ad says, Morrison Tree Service is a “Wise Choice!” We think so too!